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Privacy Statement


This statement applies the usage of Aventor A/S Web Sites Worldwide.


At Aventor A/S we intend to give you as much control as possible over your personal information and it is important to us, that you feel comfortable about visiting our web sites. There are times however, when we may need information from you. Any personal information that you may give us including your e-mail address is used in the following ways:


If you give us personal information in order to receive information or respons in return from us - for instance product information, or general information regarding Aventor A/S - we collect and store that information in a database for marketing purposes. This information enables us to fulfill your information request.

If you review or download information, we track the visit. That information is helpful, amongst other things, to provide you with tailored information and to give us information about which part of the site is most frequently visited. The stored information will be used to improve the usability and utility of the site.

We do not share nor sell the information collected or stored about you, to any third party who are not our contractor. The web site may contain links to third party websites. Aventor A/S is not responsible for the privacy practices of such other websites.